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Metropolitan Site Context Analysis      

Medich Place, Bringelly, Western Sydney

This site is located in the Western Sydney Priority Growth Centre, Sydney. Glyde_Bautovich were engaged to provide strategic planning analysis of the site in the context of state government initiatives and proposals. The land is located in the Airport Structure Plan at Badgerys Creek, partly in the Western Sydney Aerotropolis Core precinct and partly in the Aerotropolis South Creek precinct. These precincts were exhibited as part of the first stage release of the Aerotropolis.


Precinct planning is currently underway and being managed by the Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment(DoPI) to analyse the opportunities and constraints of the land before exhibition of this information at the end of this year. Permitted uses are likely to be industrial, residential and commercial. The second airport is a response to continue growth in population in Sydney and DoPI seeks to maximise jobs in proximity to new infrastructure and minimise travel to places of employment. 


The exhibited north-south rail link is located to the northeast of the site, there is significant flood affection and bushfire hazard. The proposed rail corridor and station locations had been revisited in light of the Aerotropolis. Although well located,  the planning analysis concluded that the land had substantial encumbrances and was not a worthwhile location for our clients new business.

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