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About our Aspirations

Glyde_Bautovich are architects, urban designers and planners who work together and separately to transform resources, regulations, programs, and ideas into places of beauty. 


We believe in the ‘spirit of place’ or genius loci and passionately engage in the art of making meaningful places of distinctive character through a careful process.


We research and analyse client aspirations, economics, demographics, urban structure, history, building typologies and appropriate precedents.


We re-use and revisit these layers that are beneath the surface to inform an appropriate outcome. 


The place becomes a palimpsest set within its context.


The experience of the public space, what makes the city or place stick together, becomes rich, activated and vital.


Our analysis feeds into the architectural process and becomes form-driven as we mould the fabric of the building with nature, light and air in a way that we know will lead to joyful inhabitation. 


We breath in information, aspirations and breath out a new space or building as an offering to the people of the city and those who occupy them.



Christian Glyde

Christian was born into a family of builders and architects. He grew up on a building site before deciding to study architecture, graduating from Deakin University in 1996. He went on to work in many of Melbourne and Sydney’s top architectural firms before moving to Sydney in 2011. He established Glyde Architects shortly thereafter and has been collaborating with urban designer Jennifer Bautovich on most projects during that time. 

In 2019 Glyde Architects merged to form Glyde_Bautovich Architects and Urban Planners.

Christian has been responsible for the design of many award winning schools, mixed use and apartment buildings, houses, restaurant interiors and commercial buildings over the last 20 years.

Christian specialises in design and client management. Each building he designs merges clearly defined ideas, light, air and nature into liveable forms that enhance the public realm.


Urban Planner

Jennifer Bautovich

Jennifer is an urban planning and design professional who trained as an architect at the University of New South Wales and completed a Masters in Planning at UTS in Sydney. She has a passion for cities and how they are planned and managed to create great places for people.


She has worked as an urban designer and planner in state and local government and privately. She has established design review panels and provided advice on panels. Jennifer has drafted development control plans, tutored local government staff and provided advice at pre-lodgements. While working in private practice, her experience has been at the metropolitan and local levels, master planning, SEPP 65 reviews, developing design concepts and acting as an advocate for clients and managing the DA process. Jennifer is currently an expert on the Local Planning Panel at Ryde City Council. 

About our Services

We provide all architectural, planning and urban design services for community, education, mixed use, residential, hospitality, industrial and commercial projects.


Our work includes but is not limited to, urban planning analysis and design, site selection, metropolitan planning studies, masterplans, providing planning advice, providing expert advice on Council panels, project management up until DA, expert witness work, drafting development controls and designing building envelopes, planning reports, architectural design and documentation. 


We have experience working in Council and with Council. We provide comprehensive services at the front end of the project to inform the design and to ensure the assessment process is as smooth and efficient as possible. We have an intimate knowledge of Council processes and how to liaise with Council to maintain your design.


We provide a complete package of architectural services from start to finish. Feasibility analysis, sketch design, resolved drawings for Council lodgement, detailed design development, tendering, including builder selection and contract administration. 


We are an RAIA A+ and PIA Corporate Member studio committed to providing the highest quality services.


We are fun and really enjoy working with our clients to find solutions to complex issues. If you call our studio you will have direct access to our directors to chat about anything you have as a concern or question.

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