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Industrial Warehouses  

Prestons, Western Sydney

Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to undertake urban planning and architectural services for the design of this large scale industrial warehouse and storage project comprising 20,500m2 of leasable area on a 28,000 m2 site. The site is located 30kms west of Sydney CBD and is within a growth corridor for industrial uses.


The site is located adjacent to a school and industrial sites, some under construction. Truck access to the site was challenging as it could not be made from the main street frontage and the road to the rear had not bee dedicated to Council. Glyde_Bautovich crafted a good relation with the planner and monitored this challenging project through council to an approval.


This project is comprised of simple warehouses 100-350m2, all requiring heavy rigid vehicle access. The existing site was a resting place for old industrial objects and these had a certain power to them as they sat on the over grown ground. We were inspired by their quietness and raw beauty. 

This led to our main conceptual idea which was to make large scale building forms from raw concrete and steel with bold colour high lights igniting the possibility of the poetic power that large buildings can generate.

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