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Hunters Hill House, NSW

We were approached by a couple to revitalise an existing sandstone cottage built in the late 19th century. The house had gone through an extensive renovation in the 1980s that left it cut off from a beautiful formal north facing garden.


The clients spend most of their time living on their farm in the southern inland region of NSW. Their love for nature inspired the new works in both form-making and materials. 

Concrete, galvanised steel, timber, sandstone and metal cladding transformed into simple gable forms and a relaxed verandah allow the house to breathe with the garden.


The retention of solid sandstone walls and the addition of new ones are subtly differentiated by surface textures, blurring the line between old and new. A new verandah was introduced which integrates rather than separates, leaving the viewer to determine what is old and what is new.


Integration with the rear garden is enhanced with expansive sliding doors and clear span windows that frame tree canopies and allows filtered light through.

Highlight windows allow the texture of the existing terracotta tiles to enter the new addition permeating the space with warmth and depth.

The selection of timber Hans Wegner (Cult Furniture) furniture adds another layer of warmth and texture with an attention to detail that is reflected and commensurate with the house.

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