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Light Industrial and Commercial 

Herbert Street, Artarmon 

This project is a light industrial/manufacturing complex situated in an industrial area in the northern suburb of Artarmon in Sydney. The proposal consists of substantial renovations and extensions to an existing warehouse building of 1600m2 increasing its capacity to 3500m2. The building houses a catering kitchen on the ground floor and light hi tech-manufacturing studios for creatives to the upper levels.


The architectural solution is driven by two main ideas. The first is create a new facade for the building that helps improve the internal space for the occupants and provides a new character for the building that reflects its new uses. The second idea is to create an internal communal open space that becomes a central hub for the complex and provides sun and air. A flexible space that can be used for promotions at certain times and used as a simple everyday outdoor space for occupants at other times.

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