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Nelson Lane House 

Annandale, Sydney

Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to undertake urban planning and architectural services for this house which is located in a heritage conservation area in the inner west suburb of Annandale in Sydney. The site has a laneway frontage and is opposite a park. Most of the adjoining buildings along the street are brick garages that were formerly used as stables and together form an eclectic contiguous street wall. A streetscape analysis of the existing and desired future character provided valuable information to shape the design to ensure that privacy impacts to neighbours was mitigated.


Our concept for this home was retain the existing brick fabric to maintain context with the lane and insert a form within the existing brick walls leaving 750mm of space between the new house and the old walls. This gap allows plants, air, light and access to the perimeter of the house. Importantly it allows the textural quality of the brickwork to be amplified by light above but most importantly the dog can run from the backyard to the street to see what is going on. 

The geometry of the curved central courtyard allows filtered sun in and the internal spaces to be hinged around it. Its empty space becomes the centre of the house.

The interface with the public realm is mediated by a single large sliding timber screened door which opens the living area directly on to the lane and park.

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