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Oratava Avenue Residential Design and Masterplan 

West Pennant Hills, Sydney

This 1.6 Hectare site is set in a context of large detached homes with deep green front setbacks and is one of the highest in metropolitan Sydney. It is approximately 160m above sea level with long western views to the Blue Mountains. The site has steep falls and gradients throughout which provided limitations to where buildings could be located. Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to provide the master plan and 17 individually designed homes each over 400m2 in area and 2-3 storey’s high. 


As the site is large, the new community needed to have its own identity but also integrate with the existing context. Conceptually the design strives to work within the landscape and the sites natural levels. 


The design strived to ensure that the new precinct would not be seen as a gated community and sought to encourage the public into the site to walk through it via a publicly accessible pathway to a reserve to the north. Houses fronting Oratava Avenue blend into to the local context using appropriate bulk and scale, space between buildings and landscaping that is in keeping with the existing species.


The use of local and natural materials were chosen for their recessive qualities and allow the landscape to be the dominating feature of this project. The absence of front fencing complements this idea and allows opportunity for the residents to interact, using the landscape as a subtle buffer between public and private realms.

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