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Urban Structure Analysis and Design     

Menangle Park Release Area, Menangle Park Sydney

The Menangle Park Release Area forms part of the Greater Marcarthur Growth Area located to the southwest of the Sydney CBD. It was rezoned for urban purposes in 2017. A concept structure plan was prepared by Campbelltown Council to defined the new street networks, the location of the town centre, development footprints, landuses, lot types, open space corridors and transport linkages. 


Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to analysis how a 2.8 Hectare site located at 80 Cummins Road, would best fit into the structure plan and how its development could be realised. The structure plan sat as a layer over the existing lot configuration and three roads cut through the site significantly impacting on development potential. The site is triangular, a fifth of it is zoned for recreation and the three roads crossing the site are a collector road which serviced the release area and two local roads. The neighbouring 3.5 Hectare site, was also impacted by these roads.


An urban design analysis confirmed that if the collector road was relocated to be shared on the town centres northern boundary, this would be a mutually beneficial outcome. Local roads would align north south on the subject lot’s eastern boundary and this would free up the neighbouring land for future orderly development. The structure plan was amended and a concept design for a seniors living scheme was discussed with Council. Council were receptive to the relocation of the collector road as it would now directly service the town centre and saw that it was appropriate that a senior living development would be located in close proximity to public transport and local services.

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