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Pier Pavilion Competition    

Barangaroo, Sydney


Western civilisation operates under the illusion that things have permanence or solidity.
Native culture deals with change far more instinctively than western culture.

Its engagement with nature is direct, unfiltered and pragmatic, shelter is often made from materials found from immediate surrounds, structures often only last for a season or even less than that.

Our design honors this wisdom through its form and materials.

A steel space frame floats like a cloud in the sky, sprinkling filtered light to the ground plane, speaking of the temporary but with the robustness of steel. A clear spans allows flexibility for events, installations and gatherings. A clear glass roof minimises any distraction with the frame.

A tear drop roof form creates a natural focus to where a stage might go. 

The pavilion has a clarity of form when viewed from far away and when up close it has an intimacy created by a complexity of surfaces.



Rock walls filter light and offer protection from prevailing winds in a form that suggests movement, change.

Smaller gaps in the wall provide intimacy with the surroundings, glimpses of things.



The rock absorbs moisture and releases it. Wet stone has a certain smell that connects us back to nature.

The rock wall is not shiny, there are enough new shiny objects in the world lets not make this one of them.

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