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Macquarie Street Commercial Office   

Sydney CBD

Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to design a new addition to the top of an existing 15 storey office building. 

The existing building was designed in the late 50s and clearly wears a machine modernist aesthetic. Engaged to design a single level only, Glyde_Bautovich, explored the idea of increasing these to two levels in order to hide the existing machine/plant room and increased floorspace from 200m2 to 300m2. This greatly excited our client.

Conceptually we decided to contrast with the expressed aluminium curtain wall facade with a simple shiny minimalist box that contains all of the framing inside the building to maximise the effects of a simple rectilinear form viewed from the outside. Raw unfinished timber to the inside creates a warm earthy contrast with its ethereal glassy reflective exterior.

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