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McGill Street Apartments  

Lewisham, Sydney

Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned for architectural and interior design services by our client to design a 60 unit apartment building in Sydneys inner west. This infill site has two street frontages and sits within a precinct that has recently had its density controls increased by Marrickville Council (now Inner west Council). It is located 100m away from Lewisham West Station and has good access to parks and local shopping areas.

Our client is a builder developer who specialises in manufacturing building components from recycled bricks, timber and steel. They have a strong affinity with raw materials and one of the reasons we were commissioned was for our own love of these materials.

Our conceptual framework was driven by using these materials in the most authentic way, by expressing the way in which the materials are constructed and letting the pre-loved integrity become the feature of the design.

Our design for the interiors of the apartments clearly expresses the warm robustness of these materials and is an aesthetic in keeping with the spirit of the inner west of Sydney.

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