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Edgecliff House, NSW

Built within the local area of Woollahra Council this house, whilst technically a renovation of an existing house, was effectively a new build as only a few walls and floors were retained.

Our concept was to fill the house with light from different directions and to make it feel relaxed.  Part of making that work was the subtle use of curves which makes moving through the house a natural experience.


The house has a sophisticated luxury that comes from making the spaces feel bigger than they are by promoting views through the house to the outside.  The main living space is connected to two courtyards and a curved void space which engages with the bedroom level above.

The aesthetic of the new part of the house is dominated by a new timber textured curved concrete wall that frames a north facing courtyard.  Its mass creates a felling of strength and security whilst the imprinted timber texture references an existing gum tree.  Windows in this wall are detailed with aluminium shrouds which are splayed in order to frame views and create solar shading.  The shrouds also create a tension and feeling of precision against the rough and heavy concrete wall.

The house could be described as a contemporary modern house with elements of surprise that make it fun but practical at the same time.

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