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Chapel Hill Road House, Boorolite, VIC

This is the concept design for a 500 m2 two storey house.  We started by placing a mark (a cross) on the site like you would on a map. The cross of the mark could be seen as a simple compass which started a dialogue with the sun and surrounding views. 

The lines became rooms that project into the landscape to frame views. The intersection of these rooms became a natural place for a stair and internal circulation. A skylight frames a view of the sky and lights the space from above. This central space offers a retreat from the landscape by being a quiet darker place where one can be drawn out to the views beyond. 

The walls of this central space could be used to hang family photos, memorabilia, and also bookshelves. Placing family and knowledge at the centre of the house and perhaps wine, as the stair continues down to a cellar bellow. 

Each room has a unique spatial quality that is unexpected and fun that creates a soulful joyful connection with the view. 


The arrangement of the floor plan this way creates spaces that can offer everyone a place to be alone or together. Each space is linked externally by an outdoor patio and internally to the central circulation zone. The different formal characters of these spaces creates a sculptural quality to the outside of the building. 

The use of corten steel to both concepts for the outside of the building accentuates the form of the house and at the same time creates an object that has a natural connection to the earth. Internally the use of timber connects the house with nature. It has a recessive quality which does not compete with the landscape. 

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