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Via, 210 Victoria Road, Gladesville, NSW

Via is a mixed use development with 3 levels of basement and 5 levels above ground comprising 31 units with commercial/retail at ground level.

Built within the local City of Ryde area this buildings main concept was to make a new public space activated by commercial/retail uses.  This north facing space is activated on two street frontages and by a through site link that connects them together.

Formally the building responds to the roof geometry of the adjoining churches.  The use of angled screens and walls when viewed from the street.  The use of dry pressed brickwork with protruding courses that articulate the corners with texture of light and shadow furthers the connection with the context.  The brickwork in conjunction with the off form concrete will over time help the building age gracefully with an enduring aesthetic.

A deliberate decision was made not to use glass balustrades to the balconies of the apartments.  This was done so as to make the building more recessive and less reflective in its environment with less maintenance and without the ugly detailing that can often come with standard glass balustrades.

A simple sculptural form resting on a symbolic podium defines the top of the building on Victoria Road.  It is both a nod to the power of constructivist architecture of the 20th century and the power of real estate in Sydney.

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