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Complying Development

Low Rise Housing Diversity Code


Medium Density Housing Competition    

The Manor House, Villawood, Sydney

The manor house typology is suitable to groups with large extended families. The demographics for the area show that the greatest ethnic groups in Villawood are Lebanese and Vietnamese and these groups are known for large extended families. The layout and design has been configured to suit such a group. The ground floor dwelling has been universally designed to provide for accessible accommodation suitable for aged persons or parents, with a second living space to the rear that could be become a third bedroom for a carer. Upper level dwellings would suit adult children. Staircases at either end of the building make access to all parts of the site freely accessible. The rear staircase directly accesses the useable communal space and screens clothes lines promoting social interaction while respecting privacy. The generous front setback area is given over to the public realm with a mounded landscape element providing a balance of privacy and engagement with the street to the ground floor dwelling. The upper level dwellings private open space is characterised by large vertical openings that provide privacy and a sense of security.


The proposal has been designed to be recognisable as a single dwelling house when viewed from the street. The skillion roof form rising to the north maximises north sun and responds to surrounding context in the street. The delineation between ground, first floor and roof gives the building a horizontal relationship to the ground plane. The front section of the building is highest, appropriately giving presence to the street with the rear section much lower with a roof level commensurate with adjoining properties.

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