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Church Street Apartments  

Ryde, Sydney

Glyde_Bautovich were commissioned to provide architectural, urban design and planning services for this project which is located within City of Ryde’s Shepherds Bay, Meadowbank Precinct. Meadowbank has a strong maritime history and still operates a ferry service from the Parramatta River.


Substantial local analysis was completed to inform the design of this 13.7m wide site. Although there are 2 street frontages, vehicular access was only available from one. It’s long northern boundary is shared with a public park providing amenity and engagement with the public domain. 


The conceptual framework for the design comes from the question of how to engage with the park. The decision was made to set the building back 2m from the park and drop the ground level apartments down to within 500mm of the park levels. The setback allows a landscape buffer and access down to the park. A two storey apartment typology was used to maximise the opportunity for bedrooms and living areas to engage with the park, optimising the northerly aspect and providing good ventilation. Internal corridor spaces are ramped to follow the natural levels of the site making users more aware of the sites natural topography and directly connecting the two street frontages together. 

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